Van Geffen (’88) was born in Boxtel, the Netherlands, as the daughter of a pantomime (dad) and dancer (mom). She got involved in the theatre at a very young age by seeing her parents perform. Her own fascination goes out to designing and storytelling. 

In 2016 van Geffen finished a Bachelor Scenography at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. During her studies she went for a year on an exchange to Nottingham (UK) and assisted the Society of British Theatre Designers in the Make/Believe UK Design for Performance ’11-’15 exhibition. In her last year of studies she worked as a costume design intern at ITA ensemble in Amsterdam and assisted designer Dorien de Jonge for theater collective Suburbia.  Besides working for the theatre van Geffen developed independent art work for galleries. 

The human body, subcultures and privacy are key focuses in her artwork. In 2017 she developed the work The Wearable Body, which was a result of a research towards nudity in theatre/art and modern (Dutch) society. Van Geffen has a special interest in experimenting with different materials/media and working with music composers. For the future she wishes to also take a bigger part in physical theatre and dance.

In 2018 van Geffen moved to Australia to explore the art scene and live more outdoors. During her time Down Under she worked a range of different jobs/projects and visited art galleries and live performances throughout the country. In her spare time she assisted fashion designer Alice Edgeley at her fashion boutique in Fitzroy (Melbourne), where she gained more fashion and social media communication experience . Together with a creative partner she initiated the project SLUTS; a platform collecting erotic diary pages written by females. Simultaneously to this project she researched the erotic fashion scene.

In 2019 van Geffen moved from Australia to New Zealand and settled herself in Wellington. Two months after arriving in the country she found herself in complete lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Whilst in lockdown van Geffen decided to start making fashionable protection gear and initiated a project called LOCKDOWN DIARIES; pick a brain. To this moment individuals globally are sharing letters about their thoughts during lockdown. The letters will soon be turned into audio and published on this website.


Amsterdam University of the Arts, BA Scenography ’12-’16

Nottingham Trent University, BA Theatre Design ’15

Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, BA Theatre in Education ’11-’12

ROC-Nijmegen, Cultural Enterprise ’08-’11


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